The Special Branch is conducting a seminar for a master’s thesis project
The Special Branch of the College of Law conducted a seminar to discuss the master’s thesis project submitted by a graduate student (Mohammed Mahdi Kazem) and tagged (objective rules and their role in reducing conflict of laws – a comparative study) and the seminar showed that the international objective rules approach is based on providing a direct and objective solution The dispute presented without the need for rules of attribution, which highlights the problem of determining the role of international substantive rules in determining the law applicable to the legal relationship with a foreign element; By choosing from among the competing laws on the presented conflict, as the international substantive rules include legal rules that may have an international source such as international conventions or international norms, or they may have an internal source such as the legal rules that the internal legislation quoted from within the international substantive rules and codified them within the internal laws, and the principles pursued by the judiciary or arbitration in resolving conflict of laws.
The Scientific Committee in the private law discussed the research project and expressed its directions to the student. It also made some substantive modifications in the scientific research methodology and others in the research plan and the origin of the research topic. It also discussed the fundamental issue in the research, which is to focus on the legal texts included in the Iraqi legislature and the provisions contained in arbitration. The international and national judiciary and the opinions of jurisprudence and analysis to reach an accurate definition of the role of objective rules in limiting conflict of laws, and also recommended that the investigations should be divided in a coherent manner and put the topics within the investigations that were allocated to them so that the research is not disjointed and tainted by confusion between topics.

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