Speech of the Dean Dr. Diaa Abdullah Aboud Asadi

In the name of of Allah the Merciful

“Say work soon will Allah observe your work and His Messenger and the believers”

The university has its own specificity which is distinguished from the other state institutions and its departments. It is the sponsor and incubator of the youth generations that depend on the building of the homeland and its future and the potential of their abilities and their personal, mental, intellectual and cultural abilities. In our dear university, we ask God Almighty to be so much responsible and great in the management of this college and to continue the scientific process in it after the former Dean, the great brother and the able professor Dr. Abbas Ali Hamad al-Husseini) a great scientific, administrative and educational effort referred to as boys, and we hope that God Almighty to be as much as this secretariat, which was placed in our necks and to perform the best performance we keep and sponsor it through continuing the scientific process in both primary studies or postgraduate studies on the one hand, The other side is to follow up the administrative process through attention to the infrastructure and service of the college as well as the development of human resources, which contributed without any doubt from our predecessors in the deanship of this college, their efforts made in the management of this college and the care of its scientific affairs are remarkable and can not be denied from every heart and mind,We will complete this march bright in terms of finished live up to this college to him glory and be on a hill among their counterparts from other colleges will spare no effort would progress in this college to the ranks of international colleges of ancient and guided by the concerted Tdrisie efforts and staff of our college beloved and God’s help and success.

 D. Diaa Abdullah Aboud Al Jaber

Dean of Law School Agency