College vision:

The college seeks to be the leader in all scientific, cultural and social levels and distinguished in its application of the quality system and reliance on modern education systems and the creation of a knowledge system that depends on modern foundations in education and work to raise the legal culture in society and rely on modern technological and technological systems in the educational process in order to meet the college To the ranks of colleges known internationally, Arably and internally.

College Mission:

  Finding a qualitative shift in university teaching and providing services in various fields of legal sciences, human rights and political science to allow the preparation of graduates who are specialized in areas of legal knowledge with a solid base and leaders in finding employment opportunities themselves inside and outside the country, and in a manner that contributes to establishing strong legal foundations for Iraqi legislation and benefit From the modern legal view of reviewing these legislations, working to produce them and making them as integrated as possible for society

College goals:

1- Spreading the legal culture among the society members

2- Creating links between the college and community institutions through conferences, seminars and training courses

3- Providing the authorities in the country (legislative, executive, and judicial) with the necessary proposals for their work as draft laws and preparing legal studies

4- Providing the opportunity to study in all its degrees, specialization and depth in the field of knowledge

5- Encouraging scientific research, intellectual independence and developing the spirit of teamwork

6- Contributing to solving the problems and obstacles facing the state departments

7- Paying attention to Islamic jurisprudence and publishing the opinions of jurists in all fields without being bound by a certain doctrine

8- Focusing on introducing modern methods into the learning system that increase the student’s ability to creativity and innovation

9- Preparing teaching staff to support Iraqi universities, especially law colleges

10- Close ties with all parties involved in decision-making, especially the three authorities (legislative, executive, and judicial).

11- Linking academic education with the different production sectors