Seminar at the Faculty of Law on Electronic Extortion
The College of the Law / University of Karbala, in cooperation with the Karbala Center for Studies and Research of the Holy Shrine and with the Karbala Police Command, held a symposium on electronic extortion on Wednesday morning, and at Dr. Abbas Al-Husseini’s hall in the college. Punitive texts against blackmailers using communication technology
Through its means, legal legislation specialists are still facing the electronic development and the burden of misuse of these media by the adventurous youth in extortion and threatening the lives of members of society and their material and moral social conditions. Then, Police Colonel Haitham, who is responsible for the Office of Combating Such Crimes in Karbala Police Command, addressed the efforts made by the Directorate In combating these crimes and using techniques such as cameras, computer technologies, means of communication, and detection methods during the evidence-gathering phase, despite the difficulties, especially the difficulty of providing evidence of electronic extortion crimes.
After that, the session director opened the door for interventions and questions that enriched the topic and saturated it with research, conclusion, and recommendations that made their way to stakeholders and specialists.
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