The general department is conducting a seminar for a master’s thesis project
The General Branch of the College of Law conducted a seminar to discuss the master’s thesis project submitted by a graduate student (Hadeel Kamel Falih) and tagged (criminal policy to reduce the spread of animal diseases (common and epidemic) (an applied analytical study in the animal production sector in Iraq)
The seminar showed that the research problem is centered on the adequacy of legal treatment to limit the spread of animal diseases from the criminal point of view, and what are the foundations on which it was based, whether in terms of determining the basis for criminalizing the spread of these diseases and punishment for it or in terms of determining the scope of that treatment and thus indicating the extent of its effectiveness Under the penal code and special laws. Did it actually solve the problem, or did it omit important points that might help reduce it?
The Scientific Committee in Public Law discussed the research project and expressed its directives to the student. It also made some substantive modifications in the methodology of scientific research and others in the research plan and the origin of the research topic. It also discussed the fundamental issue in the research of preventive measures and legal treatments necessary to confront the problems faced by animal health, which expanded Its department recently, and also recommended that the investigations should be divided in a coherent manner and put the topics within the investigations that were allocated to them so that the research is not disjointed and tainted by confusion between the topics.

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