Assistant Professor Dr. Aqeel Majid Kazem Al-Saadi, Associate Dean for Scientific Affairs at the Faculty of Law, University of Karbala, participated in a workshop for the period (7-13 / 4/2019) and the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System, (46) European countries as of (2005) as it is a system depends on the student as the basis of the educational process In this system requires the student to pass the course to 750 hours of study workload is one of the systems that help the transfer of students between universities and also recognized between Universität Universität This was the participation of Dr. Saadi as a scientific expert in cooperation with Mark The workshop was concluded at the American University of Beirut and sponsored by the Technical University of Erbil in the presence of (23) teaching from the university. The workshop issued its recommendations to implement this system in the academic year (2019-2020) in the universities of the Kurdistan region.

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