The Educational Counseling Unit, in cooperation with the Division of Continuing Education in the College of Law, held a scientific symposium entitled (Happiness in Law) and it included four axes: The first axis dealt with the subject of law as a source of happiness presented by Professor Dr. Diaa Al-Asadi, and the second axis dealt with the law that guarantees human happiness. Dr. Mona Muhammad Abdel-Razzaq, as for the third axis, it dealt with the relationship of the human brain with happiness, presented by the student Ahmed Abu Al-Hob. As for the fourth and final axis, it was presented by each of Prof. Dr. Ishraq Sabah and M. M. Wafa Hassan, dealing with happiness and morals… The symposium took place at Al-Sanhouri Hall in the Faculty of Law, University of Karbala. Certificates of appreciation were distributed to the participants.

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