Curriculum Vitae
First / personal information:

  • Triple name and surname: Aqeel Majeed Kazem Al Hammadi
    Place and date of birth: Iraq – Karbala / 1977
    Marital Status: Married – 2 children
    Current workplace: University of Karbala – College of Law
    Second / certificates and specialization:
    Bachelor of Laws – University of Babylon
    Master of Laws – University of Babylon (first in batch)
    Thesis title: (Mortgaging Shares in Companies – A Comparative Study)
    Doctorate in Law – Lebanese University in Beirut
    Thesis title: (Holding Companies and Their Relevance to the Iraqi Legal System – A Comparative Study)
    General specialization / Department of Private Law
    Exact Major / Commercial Law
    Academic title / Assistant Professor – Acquisition Date / 2010
    Third / Scientific Research:
    Sanctions in the insurance contract – a comparative study –
    The legal basis for privatization in Iraqi legislation
    Constitutional guarantees of judicial independence
    Finance lease (Leasing) contract
    Arbitration as one of the guarantees of foreign investment in Iraq
    Legal regulation of credit cards
    Electronic Transfer
    The legal status of the financier in the mortgage agreement
  • Mortgage creditor guarantee of mortgaged money – Comparative study between Sharia and law – Civil product liability for defective products in light of European directive – Comparative study –
  • The idea of ​​transcending the legal personality of the company – a comparative study –
  • The legal nature of the online auction
    Parasitic competition provisions – A comparative study –
    Fourth / Scientific activities:
    International conference in the Arab Republic of Egypt 2007
    Three conferences in the Lebanese Republic on electronic legislation, electronic banks and international procurement contracts 2008-2009 -2011
    Conferences inside the country (18) in various political, economic, legal and social axes
    Dialogues and specialized lectures in excess of (25)
    Articles (12) in the field of law and politics
    Training courses for different segments of society in Baghdad, Erbil, Karbala, Babil, Najaf, Maysan and Basra.
    Scientific cooperation with various formal and semi-official institutions, such as the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Oil, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Transport, the Office of the Inspector General in the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Integrity Commission, the National Democratic Institute (NDI)
    Participate in the discussion of many masters and doctoral thesis in Iraqi universities.
    Supervising many masters students as well as doctorates in the special department
    Fifth / general activities:
    Head of the Private Law Department at the Iraq Center for Legal and Strategic Studies
    Founding member of the Adam Center for Defending Rights and Freedoms
    Member of the University Teachers Association
    Member of the Union of Arab Jurists

Sixth: Administrative positions filled:
Director of Registration, College of Law – University of Karbala – 2005
Secretary of the College of Law Council – University of Karbala -2007
Director of the Presidency of Karbala University – 2008
General Supervisor of the Directorate of Internal Departments, University of Karbala – 2009
Secretary of the University Council of Karbala – 2010
Director of the Department of Legal and Administrative Affairs – University of Karbala – 2010
Head of the Department of Private Law – Faculty of Law, University of Karbala – 2015
Associate Dean of the Faculty of Law – University of Karbala – currently
VII / Administrative activities and thanksgiving
Participate in dozens of audit and investigation committees at the university and college levels
He headed many permanent committees at the university and college, such as the Chairman of the Accountability and Justice Committee, the Inclusion Committee, the Student Discipline Committee, the Scientific Clearing Committee 0000 etc.
Obtaining the distinguished teaching title at the Faculty of Law in 2007.
Obtaining dozens of books of thanks and appreciation from different sides, such as the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the University Presidency, various colleges of law, and some other ministries, such as the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Integrity Commission, and the Iraqi Parliament, and some other bodies such as the Husseiniya threshold and the Abbasid.

Eighth / Courses taught:
Commercial Law – Commercial Companies – Labor and Social Security Law
The entrance to study law – the history of law – commercial papers
Civil Contracts – Civil Procedure – Evidence Law – Fundamentals of Legal Research
Masters and PhD lectures in different titles as a special course

Ninth / institutions that have been dealt with:
Iraqi state ministries: by providing advice in the legal and economic fields since 2005 until now.
Teaching as a lecturer in some Iraqi universities such as Ahl al-Bayt University, Yarmouk University College, and the Islamic University in Najaf al-Ashraf and in Babylon.
Iraqi Teachers Syndicate: To work as a legal expert to explain the current Iraqi draft constitution for 2005.
Human Rights Organization: 1- To work as a legal expert to educate about the voting mechanisms of the Iraqi constitution 2005.
2- Work as a legal expert in the 2007 Administrative and Financial Anti-Corruption Project.
Man Without Violence: The legal mechanisms for combating violence in all its forms
The American National Democratic Institute (NDI): by conducting several management and leadership training courses.
Bint Al-Rafidain Organization: To work on the Women and Child Protection Law.
Science and Knowledge Foundation: 1- As a scientific and legal expert in electronic legislation in Lebanon.
2- A scientific and legal expert in electronic banking and commercial paper dealings in Lebanon.
Southern Oil Company: As a legal expert in the project of legal negotiations in petroleum contracts and conflict resolution mechanisms in general.
The Iraqi Institute: As a legal expert in combating administrative and financial corruption and methods of treatment, in cooperation with the Integrity Commission.
Karbala Provincial Council: for legal consultations in the powers granted to regions and governorates that are not organized in a region.

Investment Authority: 1- For legal advice in the field of construction and building companies.
2- Study the selling law legislation on the map as one of the real estate investment contracts.
The holy Husseinian threshold: writing the internal system of the threshold and organizing work in it.

Tenth / graduate studies
Teaching masters and doctoral students in the private branch of Commercial Law.
Supervising many research students at the master’s and doctoral level.
Participate in a number of scientific discussions for master’s and doctoral degrees in various Iraqi universities.