Assigning a Dr. Ghassan Obaid Al-Mamouri, chairing the discussion committee for the master’s thesis of the researcher Anam Karim – in the Faculty of Law, Dhi Qar University – tagged with (the limits of state authority and the will of the individual in nationality)
In her thesis, the researcher tried to point out the need to deal with political, economic and scientific variables in matters of nationality and expand within reasonable and acceptable limits in giving a broader role to the will of individuals in obtaining the acquired nationality, in addition to recommending making the economic-investment aspect a new form of acquisition of nationality and making it a means of attraction. Foreign investments, which gives the investor some opportunities by acquiring them. The researcher also referred to the issue of artificial intelligence and the need to keep up with it legally and deal with it with new legal horizons.

After a discussion that lasted for more than three hours, the thesis was approved with a very good grade.
The discussion committee consisted of Professor Dr. Iyad Mutashar, a member and supervisor of the thesis, and the membership of both Dr. Muhammad Khairy and Dr. Sadkhan Mazloum Al-Kaabi.