The College of Law and Karbala Police Hold a Crime Scene Implementation Exercise
The College of Law, under the direct supervision of its Dean, Prof. Dr. Abdullah Abdul-Amir Taha, and in cooperation with the competent authorities in the Holy Karbala Police, conducted an initial exercise to practice the implementation of a murder scene motivated by theft and the association of the murder with the aggravating circumstance of premeditation and surveillance. Where the crime scene was prepared and executed by police officers, investigators and forensic experts, under the supervision of the teacher of criminal investigation and forensic medicine, M. Eyad Jaafar Al-Asadi, and students of the fourth morning stage were involved in acting at the crime scene. The purpose of the exercise is to train students on the procedures to be followed when moving to a crime scene as an investigator or an investigation officer. And the steps he takes to preserve the evidence… Preparing records for detection, seizing criminal features, and preparing a sketch. And the role of evidence in raising the highlights and material effects, in order to achieve a deeper understanding for students by coupling the theoretical study with the practical side.