Praise be to God who taught with the pen, taught man what he did not know, and made knowledge and work an antithesis of ignorance and laziness, and praise is to Him that He gave us a reason, and He guided us to help us and is more beautiful.

And after

I am entrusted with the duties of the Faculty of Law, University of Karbala, and I am entrusted with the trust that I perform with the determination and strength I have been given to complete what my colleagues have been assigned to do in order to advance forward and achieve a qualitative leap in the college’s prosperity and elevate it to occupy the place it deserves …

Since its establishment in 2000 AD, the college has achieved qualitative leaps in its ranking in the classification and preceded its counterparts from other colleges in its academic programs, so postgraduate studies were introduced in the public and private branches and for the doctoral and master’s studies. In 2008/2009 a master’s study was introduced in the private branch and in the 2010/2011 academic year, it was introduced The doctorate in the private branch. In the academic year 2012/2013, the college intensified its efforts to introduce a master’s study in the public branch until the fruit of these efforts resulted in the introduction of a doctorate in the public branch and also efforts culminated in the introduction of the diploma study in private law 2021/2022 and the college was not satisfied with its achievement of surpassing expectations, but It began to reduce time in order to achieve its goals, mission, and vision after plans and programs were set with a precise time limit to reach the desired goal, so work was carried out in parallel lines in the scientific and service side, just as the college became a beacon and night and a beacon in science and research, it became a rich paradise with its green space. In order to be elegant and with deep research and scientific roots, the index of its pioneers of researchers and graduate students has increased in reviewing its library. It contains thousands of legal references and constitutional sources, books, letters, dissertations, and periodicals, while the graphical line has been progressing with high degrees in the request for the supervision of theses and letters by students leaving the faculty of elites and qualified professors with high academic titles.