Professor Diaa Abdullah Al-Asadi, upon assuming his position, inspected the college’s facilities in general and the new projects, including the pentathlon stadium, and listened to a detailed explanation from the supervising engineer of the extent to which it conforms to international standards and the possibility of investing it for a number of student games and activities undertaken by the college to go hand in hand with the scientific and research aspects.
In order to achieve integration in the world rankings, the Dean indicated that the college’s vision must be implemented within the ceiling set for it in all fields, especially the mission and goals, and that this is not dear to the administration and its supporting parties if there is a solid will and high determination of its staff, which the days have witnessed that they are competent for every task entrusted to them. on their shoulders..
The college will witness growth and prosperity in the coming days.
The Deanship is confident the determination of the cadres who work in the college for the sake of the College of Law is more splendid, beautiful, and highly rated

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