The private branch of the College of Law conducted a seminar to discuss the master’s thesis project submitted by the graduate student (Haneen Abdel Ali Hassan) and tagged (contract to purchase electronic commercial advertising space – a comparative study). Electronic and the mainstay of its organization. This contract raised multiple legal problems due to the lack of legislation that dealt with it, and this confirms the inability of some general rules in the so-called contracts to develop a legal context for this contract and the difference in legislation that dealt with me stating its legal nature.
The Scientific Committee in the private law discussed the research project and expressed its directives to the student. It also made some substantive modifications in the methodology of the scientific research and others in the research plan and the origin of the research topic. It also discussed the fundamental issue in the research, which is the nature of purchasing the electronic commercial advertising space, and also recommended that the investigations should be divided in a manner Coherent and put the topics within the investigations that were allocated to it so that the research is not disjointed and tainted by confusion among the topics.

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