Teaching at the Faculty of Law participates in a workshop under the auspices of UNDP
Assistant teacher Sabah Mohammed Omran taught at the Faculty of Law at the Faculty of Law at the workshop in Erbil from April 1-5, under the supervision of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), which focused on the use of electronic techniques in the digital transformation of Karbala University and with the participation of (18) taught by the University of Karbala and lectured by Dr. Ahmed Mouradi from the Arab Republic of Egypt. The results of this course were the preparation of a specific time plan to complete the digital electronic transformation as well as to start work with high efficiency and overcome the difficulties and reduce the effort and reduce time and this is worth The Faculty of Law has intensified its participation in workshops, courses, seminars and conferences in a remarkable way recently in order to elevate the College to the ranks of the world-renowned universities to achieve quality and improve performance by taking advantage of the latest technological developments and the adoption of international standards of quality.