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Due to society's need ÇáßŃČáÇĆí actual campaign certificates law and outputs , undertook efforts to open a university in Karbala is the first college founded by the College of Law , which was created in 2001, and was the Department of Private Law and other public law and was starting affiliated with the University of Babylon, and then founded the University of Karbala was the College law of the first colleges established since inception


Despite the novelty of the college , including the section on but that does not stand in the way without its rapid development , especially that of teachers are an excellent selection of law professors and their long experience in Iraqi universities or other accumulated knowledge that he got some of them through his participation conferences scientific internal and external workshops with state institutions . Which reflected positively on the scientific level of the department and the opening of the Graduate either Master or PhD . As well as achieve leadership in the legal knowledge and legal research at the national level and the Arab world.


Message Special Branch is preparing a generation of incompetent jurists specialists , the according to the latest scientific basis , so as to ensure supplement the judicial organs and state institutions, including universities Ktdrisien qualified with a high level of legal knowledge and armed with the principles of Islamic law, which keen them by including curriculum materials related to sharia and assets Islamic jurisprudence , in order to fortify the graduate student culture sufficient legitimacy .


Keeping up with the needs of society in numbers of graduates to contribute to the construction of their home by supplying universities Ptdrisien qualified holders of a master's degree or doctorate private law . Government departments and staff jurists are qualified to assume the responsibilities and court personnel qualified to work as investigators Oqdhah

2 . Creating a generation of immune law and make the last President of the behavior of the officer members of the community in addition to the values ​​of religion .

3 . Seeking to develop and improve the scientific level in preliminary studies and focus on the upper and output quality.

4 . Contribute to the training of functional state institutions , and introduce them to the laws that govern their work and adjust their behavior.

5 . Working to bring about a qualitative and quantitative development of the scientific movement through scientific research that contributes to the implementation of recovery plans and scientific and technical development in the country

Heads the Department of Special Branch d . Hassan Ali Kazem


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