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Outline of Scientific Affairs Unit

Considered Scientific Affairs of the most important units of the total interest in all matters relating to the activities of the college and the faculty of the percentage of completion and their research planned , completed and published and school holidays , missions , fellowships and promotions scientific and sending inside and outside Iraq and the holding of conferences , seminars and training courses in addition to the interest of staff wishing to obtain study leave and participate in training courses that develop of their performance in the administrative work and artistic 0

Details tasks and Scientific Affairs Unit

1 – Scholarships and fellowships : - where the unit receipt the letters received it from the presidency of the university in connection with the nomination of the scholarship , fellowships and circulated to teaching and staff of the college for the purpose of nomination and raise the names of the candidates to the presidency of the university by the controls , and create a file specific to each student scholarship includes all information related to the fellowship or scholarships university of orders and special administrative acceptance and warranty extension , direct and down to the stage of disengagement and get a certificate from the donor country to testify 0


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