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The powers of the College Board

College Board exercises the following powers for the conduct of the work of the college and achieve their objectives :

A scientific powers

1 . draw the collage policy to be corresponded with the general policy of the University to achieve its mission .

2 . Prepare plans of acceptance for undergraduate and postgraduate studies of the college.

3 . Prepare a plan of scientific research and authoring and translation of the sections of the college.

4proposing the creating scientific departments or branches or merged and obolishing .

5 . Proposing the creating of postgraduate studies at the college.

6 . Consider the scientific departments on plans to invite visiting professors , conferences, seminars, dispatch, secondment and vacations within the country and outside and recommendation to the President of the University for obtaining approval.

7 . Approval the dissertation and thesis messages and for Post graduate Studies and approved the designation of the supervisors of the post graduate students and the designation of members of the committees of Viva..

8 . Naming of the members of the committees comprehensive exam for Ph.D. students .

9 . Reconsider methods of unde graduate and postgraduate studies periodically and distributed to academic levels .

10 . Approval the results of examinations of Post graduate Studies and after the initial filed by the departments and disciplines in college.

11 . Approval the schedules final examinations after the adjournment of departments and disciplines .

12 . Approval the upgrade of the scientific faculty member ( a teacher and an associated professor ) and submit them to the university council to issue it .

13 . Recommendation to the university president upgrade the staff of the faculty to rank of professorship after the completion of procedures by the Committee of Scientific Promotion in college.

14 . Approval the postponement of the school year to college students after convincing justifications and provide the required documents .

15 . Approval the first extension of the post graduate students ( six months ) and the recommendation of the Board of the Department .

16 . Recommendation to the university president to approve the extension of the second and third to postgraduate students based on the proposal of the Board of the Department or the scientific section in college.

17 . Recommending the assignment of faculty members and lecturers for postgraduater studies as needed and duration determined by the departments and branches .

18 . Held scientific and cultural agreements with colleges debate inside and outside the country and brought to the university for approval

B : administrative powers

1 . Supervise the affairs of the college and follow-up activities of scientific , cultural , artistic and sports .

2 . create staff for the college for the next academic year in the second half of the current year in the light of the proposed Dean and the boards of departments and branches .

3 . Reconsider the titles of technicians and administrators within the staff ratifying the college .

4 . Reconsider the staff of the college periodically .

5 . Forming committees to assist in the performance of its duties scientific , administrative and educational .

6 . disciplinary sanctions on studentsimpose.

7 . Recommendation to punish the staff of collage in one of the penalties as a result of violating the laws and regulations in force..

8 . Recommending to abolish the sanctions imposed on faculty and staff after exhausting its purpose .

9 . Recommendation to cancel the sanctions imposed on faculty and staff after the demise of the justifications for the conviction .

10 . Recommendation to refer any of the employees of the college to the authorized courts as a result of violating the provisions of the law .

A: The financial powers

1 . Proposing the plan of the annual budget and the plan of import and investment plan for the College and submit to the President of the University of unification with the plans of other colleges and institutes and send it to the University Council for approval.

   2 . Recommendation of the University of approving the final accounts of the College.

   3 . revision the audit report of Supreme Audit of college , discuss and express an opinion on the observations contained therein .

   4 . Authorize the Dean of the college or institute some powers....



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