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College of Law Library




Contain the Faculty of Law at the library unit that many of the tasks where the library unit answer the letters issued by the ministries, universities and government departments with jurisdiction to work desktop . , Organizing records for keeping books inbound and outbound to and from the library unit and the organization borrow books and their times for graduate students ( PhD - Master ) and undergraduate students as well as students from outside the college and organize records for the purpose metaphor for professors , staff and graduate students and undergraduate students .

The mechanism of organizing the books in the library unit are as follows:

A - cataloging and classification of books by various jurisdictions

B - action card for each book and the introduction of the full of his information .

C - put the card in their own galaxies .

D - the introduction of an electronic card containing information for each book .

E / headlamp work with books and all jurisdictions to facilitate access.

And / develop a mechanism for binding books from time to time in order to maintain them .

The library to participate in the training sessions , whether or library -related courses teach the introduction of electronic cards and the development of its own system .

Providing library books through the purchase or donation of students or libraries and other library contains approximately thirteen thousand books and the bulk of them legal and historical books and religious as well as French books are borrowed books by students of all undergraduate , master's and doctoral and faculty members in addition to the metaphor of Foreign Affairs for graduate students from other universities

The library contains an electronic system to search for books electronically

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The library has approximately nine hundred book during the holy month of Ramadan in all branches of law, for a total of books in the library approximately ten thousand , four and five and forty books in legal specialties in below materials that have been increased by the books and the number of books added







Rating books electronically

the library College of Law accomplished classification process books electronically and the adoption of this system in the classification and indexing , search and classification of legal books , periodicals and dilators on the basis of local and classified as belonging to the species [ Civil Code \ Commercial Code \ Criminal Law \ international law ...] At the same time been indexed on the basis of system cards and work folders

Indexing on this basis is to facilitate the process of searching for the most direct route information and reducing the time and effort to the lack of subsidy and graduate students in the initial search. And streamline high in library work a student does not suffer in the search for information , what was to be heading to computers equipped with library and looking for by typing the desired address to get a book to be after it was lost a long time to search through the cards but today , this time has been reduced a few minutes after that it takes days or hours long. it has made significant progress in the library streamlined Loan books for college students and outside the college since been seconded over four hundred during the month of September last year. As the college and the restoration of old and rare books technically binding, restored its elegant appearance and being on the soles contain deep . Reading Room and took their share of the renewal embellished ornamental trees and roses and the addition of cooling devices and packaging to create an appropriate atmosphere and comfortable for students .








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