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The Legal Clinic

     1-The Outline

At the end of 2012 was the introduction of the Legal Clinic at the Faculty of Law and headquartered in the building of the college. It is an application of the idea of ​​justice accessible to everyone.

   The idea of ​​legal clinic is to develop treatments legal and consulting in various legal aspects , both on personal status, in matters of marriage, divorce , alimony and ratios , wills and inheritance ... etc. , or those relating to the transactions of civil sale and rent and mortgage and contract ... etc. , or attached to the criminal law or administrative ... etc. .

   The clinic began in the second quarter of this year to provide advice to the citizens and the state departments and other institutions of informal and that provide stakeholders directly or through their relatives or acquaintances of the college students in various legal matters.

   With the beginning of the current academic year , the clinic opened its doors to receive different questions or inquiries , whether citizens or valued official circles or informal note that the answer to these questions or inquiries will be answered by the professors .

     It is proposed that the clinic is ready to embrace the issues of widows and orphans and ,whocan not afford to hire a lawyer assigned by volunteer lawyers under the supervision and follow-up clinic for the purpose of completing their cases or transactions

2- The ways of the contact of the clinic

The methods of delivery questions or inquiries to the legal clinic would be through an email sent over the College of Law - University of Karbala This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , and to download the application form for the consultancy as below and fill in and sent to the same email.

3- The activities of the  Legal Clinic Since its inception in 2012-2013

1- Seminars set up in the hall in the presence of a lawyer Sanhoori

2-Been give a lecture about the origins of the kiss appear before civilian courts and to provide information and legal value of a lecture on personal lawyer and methods of success in the legal profession and how to draw the attention of the judge to a lawyer during the hearing

3-It hast set up a virtual court in college about to file for divorce , alimony

4-The training of members of the legal clinic by sending them to the courts to get to know the issues and cases brought to pollinosis and practice in the courts

5-Provide legal advice on various issues and proceedings ( civil . Criminal . Personal Status . ) to citizens for free

6-Created library in legal clinic includes various books and legal sources

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