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 Kerbala University College of Law /legal journal

Kerbala University College of Law has launched its own legal journal published by The Deanship of the Collage, and named Risalat  AL – Huquq.  The journal’s Editor-in-Chief is Professor Dr. Abed Ali Swadi (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )).

Risalat  AL – Huquq (ISSN: 2075  - 2032)is a refreshing new journal that articulates contemporary legal discourse. From its base in the Middle East, the journal aims to bring perspectives from around the world to developments in the law.

A journal certified for purposes of promotions scientific published research in the field of law and political science after presentation to the professors, according to special controls for the dissemination of research has produced this magazine since its founding until now 11 issues

The journal is open to doctrinal, context based, reformative or comparative work, in all fields of law. Authors who want to reach an audience beyond traditional fixed locations will welcome this new open access platform, which accepts submissions in both English and Arabic and provides abstract translations.

The website is live at: Authors may now submit by visiting the website.

Accepted submissions are promptly published online, and subsequently distributed in print format. The journal is published twice a year, and invites contributions from legal scholars with varied perspectives. All manuscripts will be peer reviewed prior to publication or rejection. The journal is open access and all articles are published under a Creative Commons licence, meaning they are freely available online and can be reused with appropriate attribution. Additionally, the author keeps the copyright to their work.

Editorial Board

The terms of publishing

The journal publishes scientific research, academic competence of the law .1

2. Submitting three copies printed on white paper (A4) with a copy of a CD , preferably on one side of the paper and do not use frames and decorations

3. The printing should be on system Word and do not use Alexanr not for pictures , and be the type Times New Roman font and font size for the title search key (18) , and the subtitles (16) Dark , research article (14) , Paragraph Type Signle indent particular : (None ) before the text : (0) after the text : (0) , line spacing ( single ) before the text (0) , after the text : (0)

It must be written a summary of the search in Arabic and English.4.

The search must not be previously unpublished .5

6.The research must be assessed by specialists before publication .

7. The research will not be back to its owner whether published or not

8.The research must arrange as follows: - the title, authors' names and addresses , Conclusion ( Arabic - English ) , provided, material research, and discussion of results, conclusions , sources.

9.The research must be in the field of law studies .

10. Any research will be ignored if it has not fulfil the terms

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