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The aims of the collage

College seeks to be a leader in all levels of scientific, cultural, social and distinct in its application to the quality system and rely on modern education systems and create a knowledge system depends foundations of modern education and work to raise the legal culture in society and rely on technical systems and modern technology in the educational process for the prophylaxis college to the ranks of colleges known globally and regionally and internally.



The prospects

Find a quantum leap in the academic teaching and the provision of services in various fields of science legal and human rights and political science, allowing the preparation of graduates specialized areas of legal knowledge-based solid and capable of creating jobs for themselves at home and abroad, and in a form that contributes to lay the foundations of a strong legal legislation Iraqi and benefit from the look of modern legal to reconsider the legislation and those working on the production and make them integrated as much as possible to the community


The objectives of the collage

1 dissemination the legal culture in the society

2 - Creating links between the college and community institutions through conferences, seminars and training courses

3 – providing the existing state authorities ( legislative , executive , judicial )with necessary suggestions   for using as drafts of the laws and preparations for the legal studies

4 - Provide the opportunity to study the various levels of specialization and depth in the field of knowledge i

5 - encouraging the scientific research , intellectual independence and developing the spirit of teamwork

6 - contributing the solution of problems and constraints faced by the state departments

7 - interest in Islamic jurisprudence and the dissemination of the views of scholars in all fields without adherence to the doctrine of a particular

8 - to focus on the introduction of modern methods in the learning system that increases the student's ability to creativity and innovation

9 - staff preparation to suport the Iraqi universities , especially law schools

10 – linking the relations with all concerned parties to take decisions, in particular the three authorities ( legislative , executive , judicial ) .

11 - the link between academic education and the various production sectors

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