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Administrative Division


 مدير الادارة


   Administrative Division manages sentenced Mr. Abdul Amir Hadi , who holds a bachelor's degree in Management and Economics / Statistics Department of the University of Baghdad in 2002 .

Considered the Administrative Division are detailed bio in college and the link with the presidency of the university where this Division to receive all the official books ( regular and confidentiality) and dispersed on the sections and divisions and units in college and by the margin of Mr. Dean , as well as being on the way to approach government departments ( inside and outside ) conservative books support ( for teaching or employee ) or health documentation graduate students in addition to the deans of all faculties and departments of the university president .

As for the tasks within the college are many , including: -

1 - the issuance of administrative orders ( annual bonuses and promotions , dispatching for teachers and staff ( only inside Iraq ) , leaves the normal and pathological , the formation of committees , assigning faculty giving lectures on college students , absences , and other penalties ........ )

2 - Follow-up and attend the parting employees through electronic fingerprint report which offers by the Secretariat of the administrative assistant .

   Units of the Division of Management are: -

   Individuals / / official Unity ( Ms. Suhaila molasses Khudair )

Considered individuals of the most important units of the Division above being contain personal files of all employees of the college, where the responsible unit to enter all the contents the personal file for each member on a disk (CD) with constant updating , and keeping a second copy of the information on Hard storage external be in a safe place in order to preserve it from damage , as well as working on the introduction of all of the information to all associates in the program ( personnel management electronically ) .

Outgoing and incoming / /

The work in this unit each of ( Miss Hmazih David and Ms. Hana Mohammed Hashim ) alternately and work of the unit is to enter all the official letters from the university and government departments in the record contained and then dispersed to the people and the specialization units and by the margin of Mr. Dean , but issued it facing special codes for each division as well as administrative orders ..

Archive mail / /

This unit was created at the beginning of this year and take action where all of ( Ms. Mary and Ms. Hana Mamedhashim ) and also the rotation and their mission is to enter all the books of incoming and outgoing mail in the archive .

Printing / /

This unit print all letters issued by the college and the work is the collaborative management of all staff to ensure that the speed of the answer and not to delay in the official books .

For Mr. Hashim Ibrahim Nasser is a certified e- college , who is the process of bringing the mail distribution











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