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Phase III students residing major festival University Day

Students set up a third stage an evening at the Faculty of Law \ University of Karbala, a major festival in the college corridors of the university on the occasion of the celebrations of the Day (1 \ 04.02.2015), where the inclusion of this festival multiple gallery shows them the legal books, which contains a large number of legal books that intervention within the jurisdiction of the college students of legal and a culture added to the curricula approved and planned to form the outcome of a wide range of legal vocabulary cemented scientific case has brought together the festival is also an exhibition of the question and the answer where it was placed pretty boxes containing clippings where questions and answers varied between the law and the articles of general culture and various fields of science, as a visitor to this show whether students or the teachers to withdraw clip from the fund shows the number and then go drawer figures for the extraction of the question that holds this figure Fauge question to the visitor, and when you answer it go to another fund to pick up another clip bearing the name and the type of gift that he won and is given as varied this Gifts between watches, medals and large toys and wrote prayers and Zayat and others also included the festival exhibition wisdom in life as it gives the visitor a piece of adhesive who shall have the wisdom liked or affected it in the process of his life who shall pasted on a large mural in the exhibition and after glued give him a gift which is an expression of Rose About Sunrise hope in life and was one of the shows this festival martyrs gallery Hmoana as they put candles as a visitor lit a candle and placed in the allotted place in honor of the martyrs of Iraq and gratitude to them for their sacrifices great for the country and his sons They were and if they were candles burned for Iraq and all Iraqis, visual exhibition, which transfer the bright pictures of Iraq and Iraqis from the sons of our armed forces and popular crowd who stood up to the brutality and barbarism reckless Daash and sisters publishers evil killers goodness has been included, and also included the festival exhibition drink water and remember thirst Hussein (peace be upon him) which provides cold water for visitors to the exhibition and it recalls thirst Hussein (peace be upon him) and his martyrdom in the incident Taf Karbala and the body of this exhibition Alkrplaúah environment and the environment humanity in all senses as the water is life as expressed by the Almighty "We made from water every living thing," On the other hand being really for everyone, whether friend or foe is not deprives him and deprived of water is the enemy of all mankind was the analogy between the incident and gentler approach to the Umayyads and brutal approach to the killers of humanity Aldaahien.

Sejad Husseini

Information officer





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