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Dean of the Faculty of Law opens exhibition of photographs of the unity of the media


Opened by the Assistant Prof. Dr. Zia Abdullah Aboud, Dean of the Faculty of Law \ Karbala University and his scientific and administrative main branch public and private, and the number of college photo exhibition held by the Media Unit at the college and gave official media a detailed explanation about the images and events, which included the college's activities in various aspects, such as conferences teaching The seminars and workshops held by the college, which dealt with a variety of topics in the law, constitutional law, all the topics on the scene since the establishment of the college and to this day, as well as the exhibition taking pictures of sporting activities and extracurricular activities for college students like winning sports trophies and get the first centers or established shows painting and calligraphy or plays and other activities and events hosted by the college students as well as the unity of official media gave an explanation about the images the most important figures who visited the college since its inception until now such as ministers and deputies world both familiar figures and members of the International and who participated bodies such as the Red Cross and human rights, etc., and then turn the unit information officer to provide an explanation Line drawing exhibition of student Ali ornaments set up by the occasion as the exhibition included paintings in calligraphy bearing Quranic verses blessed, the Hadith and the sayings of the infallible Imams and sentenced some of the wise and different lines of types of calligraphy line third and Diwani and obviously my book, suspension and the board and back, and then moved on to provide an explanation for paintings that embodied the onslaught of the enemies of humanity Daash and sisters to our dear country and the work of acts abhors them souls and chilling and how the Iraqi response from the brave security forces and the heroes of the crowd popular blessed who Astbsilwa in defense of their homeland and their compatriots in areas disgraced by terrorists .








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